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Three sites designed and developed by me (including the logos), with help from Wordpress. All three are in varying degrees of completeness:

Life Guidance CounselingLife Guidance Counseling

My CARE InitiativeMy CARE Initiative

Journey to HealthJourney to Health

MWCCMount Wachusett Community College’s current site was designed by myself and the college graphic designer. I developed the site using a Wordpress multisite installation, which makes for a great, inexpensive content management system.

HIREed MagazineI developed this site as a companion to the semiannual magazine of the same name, designed by myself and MWCC’s graphic designer. Another example of WordPress multisite, which allowed contributors to make their own edits.

MWCC 2012A previous version of MWCC’s site, which I designed and built entirely using HTML and CSS, with the aid of Dreamweaver. Content providers were able to make their own updates with Contribute, which was administered by me.

North Central Career CentersI designed and developed this site for the North Central Career Centers with HTML, CSS, and Dreamweaver.